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PDP – Pregnancy Driven Planning

This post was originally posted November 8th 2012 on “The Voice” (internet for Nuance Communication)

Notice: This post has nothing to do with family planning!

I’m in the lucky circumstances that my wife is pregnant expecting our second child. She was actually supposed to deliver last Friday. This means that I’m sort of in a limbo-state at work, ready for take-off in case the water breaks. It has been that for the last couple of weeks.

Here in Denmark the father gets a two-week leave right after the birth. This means that I have to be ready to take two weeks “vacation” … just like that.

In the beginning I felt it a bit annoyed not knowing if I would show up at work tomorrow or not. But I tried to turn it into something positive. Actually it was not something I did on purpose I can just see now that this is how it ended up.

Not knowing if I will be at work tomorrow (and the next two weeks) have helped me focus on some things:.

  • I try to do the most value-adding tasks first.
  • I try to device my tasks into smaller pieces – that can be completed within a couple of hours.
  • I’ve gotten better at documenting the current state of my work.
  • I’m more focused at keeping others up-to-date with what I do.
  • I more or less have someone standby to fill in for me.
  • Why postpone things that you can do it today?

I think that improves my work effectiveness if I always had a pregnant wife a home on the edge to going into labor. However I don’t think that my wife thinks that is a good idea 😉

I think that we all should try to work like “we might not be here the next two weeks”. For me it triggered a more agile way of working (on a personal level).

If we try to apply this to a team I think that it is good that you are able to cover for each other. And here I’m not talking about covering up but about helping each other out. In a team it is also important that you have a good feeling about where you colleges are and what they are doing. As a team member you can help this by putting into words what you are doing and discussing it with your peers.

I have not developed the model to its full potential, but so far I call it Pregnancy Driven Planning or just PDP (because we are in IT).

See you tomorrow …. Perhaps!?!