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Jeg lover at gøre mit bedste …

“Jeg lover at gøre mit bedste for at være tilgængelig for mit team”

“Jeg lover at gøre mit bedste for at have en god backlog til mit team”

På mit arbejde er jeg med i en interessegruppe der hedder Agilizers. Det er et forum hvor vi kan inspirere hinanden både som navnet antyder indenfor det agile univers men også emner der ligger i perifirien. Jeg oplever en nysgerrighed og en lyst til at prøve nye ting af.

En af medlemmerne i gruppen holdt et indlæg om OKR (Objectives & Key Results) og udfordrede os på om det var noget vi havde lyst til at prøve. Hvilket flere var med på.

En af fiduserne ved OKR er at man sætter barren højt. Og at det er en succes hvis man når 70-80% af sit mål. Jeg er før (i et tidligere job) blevet aflønnet på baggrund at ligende mål. Og resultatet var at jeg satte alle mine mål så jeg med ret stor sikkerhed kunne nå dem. Så det var den klassiske med at når man måler på noget så påvirker man “systemet”.

Det at sætte sig nogle mål synes jeg ikke var så svært. Det svære var at komme med nogle målbare resultater.

Her er de mål jeg har sat mig. Hvis du kan bruge dem som inspiration så … fedt! For mig er en del af eksperimentet at dele mine mål med andre for at se hvad det gør ved min motivation for at nå dem. Så det er hermed gjort.


Mål 1: At have en bedre backlog for mit team

Nøgle Resultater

  • Alle stories 2 sprints frem er “Ready”
  • Alle på teamet har noget at tage sig til i sprint’ene
  • Halvdelen af story’ene er skrevet (og drevet) af teamet
  • Maksimalt misse 2 stand-ups om måneden

Tid: 1. november 2015 – 1. februar 2016


Mål 2: At være tilgængelig for mit team

Nøgle resultater:

  • Jeg er tilgængelig for teamet 60% af min arbejdstid
  • Når teamet har behov for afklaring kan jeg afse tid indenfor 5-10 min
  • Jeg er tilgængelig på telefon, mail, chat og fysisk

Tid: 1. februar 2016


New Year … new challanges

Goodbye printer guy – Hello insurance man!

A lot of things have happened in 2014 both personally and professionally. Greatest of all was the birth of my daughter in June. The day I came back to work after two weeks of parental leave we all got called to the canteen for a special announcement. “You’ve all done a great job, but due to global restructuring we are shutting down all development and support activities in Denmark”. Autsch! So there I was without a job, with an outdated CV.

It took some months and a lot of hard work to land a new job. On January the 5th I will start as Product Owner in on of the largest insurance companies in Denmark. I had the opportunity to participate in a 3-day training course with my new colleges in the beginning of December. This gave med a kick-start on the insurance-lingo. But I’m pretty sure that the following months will be interesting … and tough, leaning how to navigate within a completely new domain.

I would like to wish everybody a happy New Year.


Visual management for kids

I’ve aIMG_1150lways been a strong believer in visualising your work. And by visualising I mean putting stuff on the the wall or on a board.

My wife who is a primary school teacher and very creative by nature made this vacation calendar for our 3-year old son. It is pretty simple and at the same time genius. Small pictures representing the activities of the day. She put it on the fridge so everybody could see til. In the days leading up to the vacation she talked it through with our son. During the vacation we talked about the activities of the following day as well as what just have happened. And actually at the end of the two weeks before going back to day-care we when through the whole thing again.

For those of you who says that this is not a very agile approach, I will just make that note that not all days were filled in from the beginning. They were updated as we went along. 😉

As I see it you get the same benefints from visual management when you deal with (grown up) teams as you do with your kids.

  • It is easier to know what you ar talking about when you are able to point to something like a post-it note on a board.
  • Visualising what lies ahead of you helps you stay focused while heading in the right direction.
  • As you are progressing you are able to look back and evaluate what have happened so far … and talk about what you want to do the rest of you vacation (sprint).
  • It is important that you put your plan in a central place in your home (team-room). In that way all family (team) members pass by regularly and are always up-to-date.

I hope that you will use this as inspiration both for your kids at home and your “kids” at work 😉

For more inspiration I’ll suggest that you visit www.xqa.com.ar/visualmanagement


PDP – Pregnancy Driven Planning

This post was originally posted November 8th 2012 on “The Voice” (internet for Nuance Communication)

Notice: This post has nothing to do with family planning!

I’m in the lucky circumstances that my wife is pregnant expecting our second child. She was actually supposed to deliver last Friday. This means that I’m sort of in a limbo-state at work, ready for take-off in case the water breaks. It has been that for the last couple of weeks.

Here in Denmark the father gets a two-week leave right after the birth. This means that I have to be ready to take two weeks “vacation” … just like that.

In the beginning I felt it a bit annoyed not knowing if I would show up at work tomorrow or not. But I tried to turn it into something positive. Actually it was not something I did on purpose I can just see now that this is how it ended up.

Not knowing if I will be at work tomorrow (and the next two weeks) have helped me focus on some things:.

  • I try to do the most value-adding tasks first.
  • I try to device my tasks into smaller pieces – that can be completed within a couple of hours.
  • I’ve gotten better at documenting the current state of my work.
  • I’m more focused at keeping others up-to-date with what I do.
  • I more or less have someone standby to fill in for me.
  • Why postpone things that you can do it today?

I think that improves my work effectiveness if I always had a pregnant wife a home on the edge to going into labor. However I don’t think that my wife thinks that is a good idea 😉

I think that we all should try to work like “we might not be here the next two weeks”. For me it triggered a more agile way of working (on a personal level).

If we try to apply this to a team I think that it is good that you are able to cover for each other. And here I’m not talking about covering up but about helping each other out. In a team it is also important that you have a good feeling about where you colleges are and what they are doing. As a team member you can help this by putting into words what you are doing and discussing it with your peers.

I have not developed the model to its full potential, but so far I call it Pregnancy Driven Planning or just PDP (because we are in IT).

See you tomorrow …. Perhaps!?!