Månedsarkiv: november 2014

Visual management for kids

I’ve aIMG_1150lways been a strong believer in visualising your work. And by visualising I mean putting stuff on the the wall or on a board.

My wife who is a primary school teacher and very creative by nature made this vacation calendar for our 3-year old son. It is pretty simple and at the same time genius. Small pictures representing the activities of the day. She put it on the fridge so everybody could see til. In the days leading up to the vacation she talked it through with our son. During the vacation we talked about the activities of the following day as well as what just have happened. And actually at the end of the two weeks before going back to day-care we when through the whole thing again.

For those of you who says that this is not a very agile approach, I will just make that note that not all days were filled in from the beginning. They were updated as we went along. 😉

As I see it you get the same benefints from visual management when you deal with (grown up) teams as you do with your kids.

  • It is easier to know what you ar talking about when you are able to point to something like a post-it note on a board.
  • Visualising what lies ahead of you helps you stay focused while heading in the right direction.
  • As you are progressing you are able to look back and evaluate what have happened so far … and talk about what you want to do the rest of you vacation (sprint).
  • It is important that you put your plan in a central place in your home (team-room). In that way all family (team) members pass by regularly and are always up-to-date.

I hope that you will use this as inspiration both for your kids at home and your “kids” at work 😉

For more inspiration I’ll suggest that you visit www.xqa.com.ar/visualmanagement


Tillid er ikke noget man først skal fortjene

Hvis du har et team der ikke performer så giv dem din fulde tillid. Det kan være med til at hjælpe dem til at komme op af “sumpen” og komme i omdrejninger igen.

I denne uge jeg haft fornøjelsen at være lave en gæsteforelæser hos Thomas TøthCBS. Publikum var 3.-semesters projektlederstuderende. Det var en spændende oplevelse og der var mange gode spørgsmål fra salen.

CBS – Et spørgsmål om tillid v06 (9 MB)